what is your corner of the kingdom?

Blog Post 7/26/22

Your Corner of the Kingdom

What is your piece of the kingdom of God to work?

When you are so busy and overwhelmed, what is it that is still worth your energy, your time? It actually feels refreshing when you are working your assignment. It is your prayers, your fellowship with God and other people, it is your daily bread.

What is the one thing you can’t lay down over the months and years where deep calleth unto deep. You can feel that unmistakable anointing always percolating under the rush. It is one effort you cannot lay down. It’s coming from the real you, your human spirit, whose yearnings will not be quenched. You may ignore it for periods of time, but it won’t let you go. It is beckoning. It is where your deepest fulfillment and joy will be found.

Daily life cannot obscure that undeniable call. Somehow you remember it from the days inside of your mother’s womb. Yes that is very true. Be quiet and remember the first conscious moments the Lord mingled with you and designed your spirit man?

You are one of a kind. Wake up to what you already know. Listen and pray to hear more. Do you sense how important it is, but tend to ignore it anyway? It is much more than the human life you live on earth with your various roles over all the years.

Ask Him to show you steps, then listen as if your very life depended on it. Write it down; it is at least some of your mission. Speak it out into the pregnant atmosphere!  Bring it out of hiding for all creation to hear.  Act on it with the Holy Spirit as your internal guide. You can sense your anointing. It’s a warm glow that emanates from your core. It is marvelous, and your heavenly Father is well pleased!

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