Blog Post 8/29/22


Right before I woke up today, the Lord told me “some soul’s are cracked, some will split and some are fractured by the devil.  Some of these are Christians.  What do you think bi-polar or manic depression is?  As I heard these words, I dug deep for the assurance that these cases certainly aren’t hopeless!  In my spirit the scripture verse rose up that says, “Praise be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”  1 Corinthians 15:57. Whew, thank God for his Word!

Let me submit to you an anonymous case study:  Here is a Christian who cannot stand the ways of his own behavior.  He is so impulsive with his mouth and body language that is so demonic, and he literally loathes the way he behaves so much, that he begins to stay away from people.  He doesn’t want to be around people in personal situations where they may need to talk to each other.  In crowds he gets away easily from conversing by isolating himself, by being silent.  If he gets stirred by the demons to manifest antisocial behavior, he just gets up and walks out, knowing he will do something inappropriate at any moment.  His struggle is fairly easy to discern, because even when he is trying to control himself, he will seem fake.

Eventually the demonized person is miserable around the people he loves.  He won’t engage in conversation, and if his loved ones try to talk to him about anything, he acts hateful and cruel.  This is not ok with his born again spirit man, so he is continually being splintered and tormented.  His spirit is being crushed daily, and the devil is making sure of it.  If this is allowed to continue, his soul fractures, splits and gets more and more fragmented.  When he resists the urge to manifest demons, it causes a vicious cycle of torment.

You do realize, don’t you, that a born again Christian cannot be demon possessed.  For that to happen the devil would have to in-dwell his spirit man, which is impossible. His spirit has been made a new creation in Christ, created in the image of God.  In cases like this, the internal conflict between his born again spirit and the demons working through his soul is beginning to crack his mind, will and emotions.  Often it is also causing manifestations in his body of illness or he has accidents accompanied by all kinds of infirmities. 

We have a seal of redemption that is invisible with our natural eyes, but the demons can see it.  The devil knows who to pick on.  The folks who are living according to the World System aren’t much of a threat to Satan’s kingdom, so he targets believers who are weak.  That is why Paul wrote,“be STRONG in the Lord and in the power of his might!” In Ephes. 6:10.

This Christian needs deliverance.  But first, he needs to see his own problem via sound counsel.  Please don’t send him to just any so-called Christian counseling.  That is highly overrated and often downright contrary to what he needs.  If you know of a deliverance minister who is spirit filled and mature, that would be ideal.  Short of that, if he has a friend or loved one nearby who fits those qualifications, that is his best option.  But, how many of us who are spirit filled understand the urgency of the Deliverance Ministry to the extent that we receive specialized training?

Assuming our Christian is able to find a party fitted with these skills, he still must come into agreement with his own need for spiritual deliverance by the Lord Jesus Christ, who moves and acts through his church body.  There is the disconnect!  I believe we should start out with intercession and warfare before we ever approach him directly.  Always wait for a green light in your spirit before you approach him.  

If a loved one or friend approaches him about this need, and he doesn’t agree, there is little one can do except intercede for him for the time being anyway and hope that in time he will return with his head in his hands begging for help.  Then, at that point, it would be optimal to have others who are likewise trained who can be there to assist with his deliverance sessions.

Those of us who have enlisted in the army of the Lord would do well to learn about the deliverance ministry, also referred to as casting out demons.  In Mark 16:16-18, right before our Lord departed the earth and ascended to the right hand of God, he said, “These signs will follow them who believe:  they will cast out demons…”  That means us, if we count ourselves believers.  Also in Matthew 15:26-28 Jesus says, “healing is the children’s bread.”  So by His words, we are called to do this work in His name, and the children Jesus was referring to are His very own…our brethren.

If you have the least bit of interest in this subject, please get tuned in or stay tuned to my teaching.  Right now we are learning the foundational basis for and rudimentary principles of spiritual warfare for the believer.  Please find me at where you can book a private meeting and I can get you connected.  You can also find me on my YouTube channel, Ps. Colette Stringfield-Rhodes, and I welcome you to join our weekly group discussions on Zoom at any stage that you are able.  

God knows how hard it is to find a man or woman who will carry out this ministry of Jesus Christ.  Today, it so marginalized, misunderstood, and stigmatized that it is very scarce to find.  Could this be the life purpose the Lord has for you to carry out?  Do you feel your spirit man being nudged?  Whether this is your mission in life or not, let us all do our parts and step up to the challenge of being used to help set the captives free, in Jesus’ mighty name.  I believe we need to be informed about these things in order to live by faith in the earth in these end times.…Amen!?

My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge… Hosea 4;6

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