Pastor Colette

The Lord Jesus Christ has given me the ministry of helping others live by faith in His Word.  It is the most exciting and rewarding kind of life there is!  I live to teach, counsel, and pray with you, as needed.  This website will be a tool both to help me reach out and also for you to contact me. 

Besides my call to ministry, I have varied interests in areas of art/decorating, cooking/juicing/healthy food, gardening/container planting, grand-kids and more.  I am interested to know about your personal hobbies and interests as well.

Pastor Colette

I became a born again, spirit-filled Christian in 1985 in conjunction with the birth of my 3rd son.  Believe it or not, when he was delivered physically, I was delivered spiritually.  But, sadly, I soon after found myself to be a single mother.  Disturbing and hard as that was, I was at the same time sensing a call to full time ministry.   I attended a School of Ministry at my local church in the evenings, and led a home cell group for a few years out of my local church. 


Then in 1990 I left a secure job at Procter and Gamble and made the leap to move out to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to attend the renowned Rhema Bible Training College, founded by Kenneth E. Hagin.  Since graduating in the Pastor’s Class, I have worked a year in Rhema Bible Church in the Adult Sunday School and Fellowship program, worked in local churches in the Cincinnati area, and done inner-city ministry.  I have led many bible studies.  I founded my own incorporated non-profit ministry and ran that for about 7 years.  Most recently, I was doing volunteer work and participating in an international online church for 2 years during the Covid-19 lockdown period.  

Now, I’d like to give a shout out to my Pastors Terry and James Logan.  They pastor my local church, Faith World Outreach Center in Mason, Ohio (https://faithwoc.com).  These are two of the most loving, sensitive to the Holy Ghost, Word preaching people I have ever known.  They were students at Rhema during my last year in Tulsa, but we didn’t meet in person until January, 2022.  Just wanted you know that I am submitted and grounded, as the Lord would have it.  I am very thankful that I was led of the Lord to their church, full of God fearing folks to fellowship with.



Over all of these 37 years, I have had many blessed opportunities to learn living by faith, and I am here to share my experiences and coach you on how you can do it too!

Do you have unanswered Bible questions?  Do you need a personal prayer partner?  Do you want to be trained in the basics of Christian discipleship? The Lord has impressed upon me that now is the most important phase of my ministry. I have a pastor's heart, and I am here to help… 

Getting Started...

See the link below to my calendar where you may schedule personal meetings.  We can chat either by phone, face time or zoom.  So please, schedule a time when we can talk and please give me your info, so I can confirm.  There will be regular group zoom meetings set up to teach and discuss various books (see a partial reading list below).  The schedule for these meetings is to be announced.  I will try to schedule times to accommodate people in different time zones.

Recommended Reading

Discover Your God Given Gifts, Don and Katie Fortune
The Path, Laurie Beth Jones
Armed and Dangerous, by John Ramirez
The Triumphant Church, Kenneth E. Hagin
Quantum Faith, by Annette Capps
Faith Food Devotions, by Kenneth E. Hagin
Man on Three Dimensions, Kenneth E. Hagin
The Present Day Ministry of Jesus Christ, Kenneth E. Hagin
How You Can Be Led by The Spirit of God, Kenneth E. Hagin
Getting a Grip on the Basics, Beth Jones
The Art of Prayer, Kenneth E. Hagin
Birthright, Timothy Alberino

I highly recommend you add OasisRadioNetwork.org to your phone and/or computer so that you can hear full gospel teaching and music 24/7.  It will definitely provide a peaceful atmosphere in your home, work place or car and will also help you stay in the Spirit.

Please follow my blog to see special announcements, read scriptures for the day and keep up with what is going on.


The ministry work I do is supported by the generous financial gifts and donations of friends and followers of this ministry.  By faith, we pray to always have the needed funds and ability to carry on the Lord’s work in the future with an abundance of resources.  Thank you for your help.  You can trust that not only will your gifts be used for the important work of the ministry, but the Lord will richly bless you in return for your faithfulness.

Also, you may begin to notice that the revelations, anointing and gifts that are present in my ministry become resident in your own life when you follow and support me.  It is a reaping and sowing concept we seldom hear about.

Besides reaping what you sow when you give financially, you will also be blessed when you volunteer your time.  If you are interested in learning more about this, please let me know.

You may also send a check to my name at 3501 Section Road, Cincinnati, OH 45237.

Luke 6:38, (KJV).  “Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down shaken together and running over shall men give into your bosom.” 

Galatians 6:7-9, (KJV).   “Be not deceived, for God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap.”

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